October 1, 2022

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WESEP: Wind Energy Science, Engineering, and Policy

Eugene S. Takle

Eugene S. Takle

Eugene S. Takle

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Office: 3013 Agronomy Hall
Phone: 515 294-9871
E-mail: gstakle@iastate.edu

Gene Takle’s research interests focus on field observations of meteorological conditions in wind farms. Field campaigns in 2010 and 2011 created databases of surface fluxes of heat, momentum, moisture, and CO2 in wind farms as well as vertical profiles of mean wind and turbulence. These datasets and others to be taken in future observing periods will provide opportunities for validating high-resolution wind farm simulation models and wind farm short-term forecast models. He also studies regional climate change by use of climate models and observations, with an emphasis on the impacts of climate change on such areas as streamflow, tile drainage, crop growth, soil carbon, wind energy, solar energy, roadway performance, and building design.

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